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DPM, for who ?

DPM, a solution for all structures !

DPM software has been designed to meet the needs of the largest number of structure/organizations. Whatever your size and your activity sector, you can enjoy a high quality technical solution at a lower cost, to manage your compliance with the GDPR.
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A unique feature !

The DPM teams have created, in collaboration with specialists « trades » and « sector of activity », model registers containing most of the data processing that can be found in some structures.

You just need to order one or more model registries from your DPM back-office, and perform a « one-click » install to instantly benefit from a prefilled registry. You save valuable time in the compliance process.

You may think you do not need DPM ? Discover the advantages of our solution and calculate your time saving !

  • Centralized information
  • Protected information
  • Shared information
  • Information always available

Time saving duplication90%
Time saving centralization100%
Time saving collaboration80%


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