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DPM, GDPR Compliance Software

DPM : Managing GDPR compliance has never been easier

100% ergonomic

The user experience at the heart of DPM. A solution created by the DPO’S for the DPO’s

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200% secure

Because security is an essential vector of data protection, DPM has double authentication.

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300% functional

DPM is constantly evolving to offer you a lot of features requested by users.

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An ergonomic dashboard

The treatment dashboard allows you to quickly visualize the progress of data treatment and to export it as HTML (for integration into another document) or PDF.

Our teams studied the ergonomics of the dashboard at length, to maximize usability of your registry. Our teams are at your service to offer you the latest standards in ergonomics and maximize your comfort of using DPM software.

Many features

Many features are present in DPM. Them allows you to manage your registers in accordance with the GDPR requirements. For example, DPM has :

  • Attachment of documents, contracts, actions and requests GDPR
  • Monitoring of contracts compliance
  • Cartography of applications
  • Consolidated directory of contacts


Because missions of the DPO are particularly time-consuming, automation of certain tasks becomes necessary. Our teams are constantly trying to automate as many processes as possible to allow the DPO to devote as much time as possible to his many missions. DPM allows for example and automatically :

  • To have automatic versioning of treatments with progress and detailed history of evolutions
  • To notify contracts renewal alerts
  • To produce activity reports
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DPM, a collaborative tool for DPO’s and their teams.

DPM, the ultimate solution

In order to perfectly adapt to the structural requirements created by nomination of a DPO with humain resources, DPM was built to allow collaborative registry management.

DPM is multi-users

DPM can be used simultaneously from any location connected to the internet. Moreover, DPM does not require installation and maintenance is provided remotely.

DPM also allows DPO to give access to the registers to collaborators, according to their functions in the company (right of access with filters)

DPM allows delegation

DPM allows you to selectively delegate :

  • Data entry
  • GDPR compliance actions
  • GDPR request management

Follow-up and workflow

Thanks to the dashboard, you follow the work of your collaborators.
An indicator informs you of the progress of the treatment entry. Only the DPO can validate a new version


DPM, high level of security

The security of the DPM solution is ensured by IDS, authorized data host « health data » since 2010.

Accreditation « health data » guarantees :

  • Strong authentication of access to the application (certificate and password)
  • Encryption of exchanges (HTTPS protocol)
  • Traceability of data access
  • High level of availability

Installation on-demand

DPM software installation can be done directly on yout infrastructures or on dedicated servers that we configure. This installation is done by Voxteneo, DPM’s shareholder.

Did you say pentests ?

Intrusion tests are regularly performed to ensure a high level of protection of your registers.

DPM, more than software, it’s also …

A support 6 days/7

A technical problem ? A concern for settings/configuration ? No problem. DPM teams are at your disposal six days a week to help you to solve your problems.

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A panel of services

Lexagone Group offers a range (ou panel) of services around the GDPR and the conformity of the company. You can discover all these services on our dedicated website.

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SEDPOM assistance

If you do not have the time and the means to put your company in conformity with the GDPR. DPM SAS has created the outsourced SEDPOM service that manages the compliance process for you.

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