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is the ultimate GDPR compliant solution, created by DPO’s for DPO’s. it was built for your company.


The new European regulation on data protection. Are you ready for the transition ?

25th May 2018

The day of entry into force of the Regulation. At this date, you must be in compliance.

Privacy by design

One of the news principles of the GPDR for the implementation of processing personal data.

DPM and GDPR, an ineviable marriage.

DPM, Originally designed for CIL’s has evolved to allow to DPO’s to have an ergonomic tool to manage the register of processing operations, in accordance with GDPR.
DPO’s will enjoy a time-saving solution in managing their compliance with the GDPR.






Happy DPO !

Have control in GDPR transition !

It’s more than software

To have control in GDPR transition and integrate the features « before-after May 2018 », it needed more than just software. DPM required 4 years of development to become a high-end platform in register management, while respecting the standards enacted by the GDPR.

Be accompanied

DPM services

To help you get started with DPM, a set of services is at your disposal. Videos, documentation, tutorials are at your disposal to exploit at best all the features of the software.

DPM, a team present at your side for each step
and to have control in GDPR compliance !


Already have a registry ? We will assist you in setting up this one to the DPM solution.


You’ll become DPO ? Our team will helps you to configure the structure of your registry in DPM.


Your registry was created with DPM ? We will help you in the validation and consolidation of it.

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